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Overexposure? Never heard of it.


I've always tried to make myself available to the press to talk about storytelling in games. And it's not just because I like the sound of my own voice! Check out some of my recent blogs and interviews.

I step into the ring with fellow writers to share tips, tricks, and, of course, Godfather references.

Podcast Interview:
Street Writers

An interview from the perspective of my position as a Game Writing professor at Cogswell Polytechnical College.

Cogswell College Faculty Spotlight

An excerpt from my book, as featured on industry-leading game development portal

Gamasutra Blog: Character Arcs
Podcast Interview: Creative Trek

Interview on Creative Trek, a podcast that exists to “spotlight and learn from inspiring creative professionals.”

Podcast Interview: 
Big Sushi FM

An interview on prominent gaming podcast Big Sushi FM. 

Web Interview:

Short interview on, the website “for nightlife and gaming connoisseurs.” Conducted just before the cancellation of Star Wars 1313

Tutorial Review:
Wrecko Studios

An attendee of my GDC game writing tutorial gives a glowing review, and describes how his team immediately began applying the course teachings.

Web Interview:
Creative Writing Career

An interview with me conducted by Telltale Games writer and all-around good guy Justin Sloan.

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