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Overexposure? Never heard of it.


I've always tried to make myself available to the press to talk about storytelling in games. And it's not just because I like the sound of my own voice! Check out some of my recent blogs and interviews.

Interview on CBS's national morning show regarding the smash success

of HBO's The Last of Us series and its video game storytelling origins.

My segment begins at 2:40 in the linked video.

TV Interview: CBS Mornings

I step into the ring with fellow writers to share tips, tricks, and, of course, Godfather references.

Podcast Interview:
Street Writers
Podcast Interview: Discovered Wordsmiths

Interview on Discovered Wordsmiths, a podcast in which established storytellers describe their journeys for the benefit of aspiring writers.

An excerpt from my book, as featured on industry-leading game development portal

Game Developer Blog: Character Arcs

An interview from the perspective of my position as a Game Writing professor at Cogswell Polytechnical College.

Cogswell College Faculty Spotlight
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