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I was hired in 2011 by LucasArts to become the Lead Narrative Designer of their ambitious next-gen console title, Star Wars 1313. It was a fantastic opportunity, and I was honored to be working on that IP and with what amounted to an all-star development team. Although Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm ultimately caused our project to be canceled in 2013, I'm very proud of the work we accomplished.


My responsibilities on this title, which had already been in development for years at LucasArts, included:


  • Leading the charge on a complete story rewrite

    • Contributing critical plot points, including main story "McGuffin"

  • Cutscene concepting and scriptwriting

  • Collaborating with level designers on mission concepts and components

  • Internal story presentations to the development team, the Lucasfilm Story Group and various executives

  • Narrative systems planning and documentation

  • Narrative team recruiting and scheduling


I would love to be able to post my two years' worth of work on this project here, as it was some of the best writing I've ever done. But sadly, none of that material is available for me to share. However, our widely-disseminated E3 2012 demo -- winner/nominee of over 30 "best of show" awards -- stands as a testament to the quality bar we were on target to hit in the final product.

I was heavily involved in the effort to bring this award-winning set piece into reality. My contributions included:


  • Co-concepting the entire piece with a small creative strike team.

  • Co-creating original characters and co-writing the script for non-interactive sequences with Star Wars: The Clone Wars lead writer Matt Michnovetz.

  • Writing the script for all gameplay sequences.

  • Serving as one of three primary stakeholders and decision-makers regarding casting.

  • Providing on-set narrative direction and support during all performance capture sessions.


Star Wars 1313 has gone down as one of the most highly anticipated games ever to be canceled. Even though the game will never see the light of day, being a part of it remains one of the highlights of my career.


Apparently bounty hunters don't take kindly to last-minute changes to their lines.

Quiet on the set! Er, the soundstage! Well, the performance capture stage -- oh, you know what I mean!

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